Why the Selma Jubilee is important and iconic

For all those who remember that “Bloody Sunday” 49 years ago, or for those who weren’t around, or for those who simply are lacking American history, let alone African-American history……this footage from the iconic “Eyes on the Prize” series allows you to catch up and understand why Selma, AL was important.  One other footnote…..for those … Continue reading

The 2013 Supreme Court ruling ala James Crow, esq. and the Voting Rights Act of 1965

The Supreme Court Ruling – June 25, 2013 Full 37 Page Text {Washington, D.C.]     The Supreme Court ruling will either be your motivator to call talk-shows pontificating on why you don’t vote, what President Obama hasn’t done for you, or other communication where in the spirit of the great late James Brown, you … Continue reading

VOTER SUPPRESSION: A Look at the G.O.P.’s Attempt to Steal the 2012 National Election

Every person 18 years old and older should be encouraged to participate in their RIGHT  as a citizen of the United States and VOTE. 2008 Presidential Election Results by State As the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama settled in after getting sworn in, some in the opposition party; Republicans set out a … Continue reading

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